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 TAC 2015

50th Anniversary Conference of the RSC Thermal Methods Group

Churchill College, Cambridge, 30th March to 1st April 2015. 



This 3 day event in the historic University City of Cambridge offers a unique opportunity for attendees to hear about the past, present and future of Thermal Analysis & Calorimetry.

There will be a manufacturers’ exhibition so you will be able to see the latest advances in technology.

The conference dinner which will be a celebration of 50 years of the TMG will be held in the beautiful Dining Hall at Corpus Christi College on Tuesday 31st March and the cost of this is included in the conference Registration.

                                              BOOK BEFORE 31/1/15 FOR EARLY BIRD RATES

     including breakfast: Single £86.40; Double £106.00.

     Please advise requirements when registering.



If you are interested in presenting a paper or poster at the conference, please submit an abstract (up to 300 words) to



Plenary Speakers:


Prof Bill Jones (University of Cambridge)


Bill is Professor of Materials Research at Cambridge and has a particular interest in Solid State Chemistry and Crystal Engineering.


Dr Vincent Mathot (SciTe. B.V. Geleen)

Vincent is a visiting Professor at the Catholic University of Leuven. A polymer scientist who in 2002 received the NATAS METTLER TOLEDO Award for outstanding achievement in Thermal Analysis.  


Prof Ingolf Lamprecht (Free University of Berlin)

A world renown expert in biological calorimetry. Ingolf was awarded the 2008 Seteram ICTAC award for outstanding achievement in the field of calorimetry.


Prof Jean Rouquerol (MADIREL, UMR CNRS, Marseille).

Jean is an Emeritus Research Director, CNRS. He is a pioneer of sample controlled thermal analysis techniques and is a Past-President of ICTAC.




The Thermal Methods Group (TMG) is a special interest group of the Analytical Division of the Royal 

 Society of Chemistry with affiliation to the International Confederation of Thermal Analysis and

 Calorimetry (ICTAC). There is close collaboration with other European thermal analysis groups. 


 For general information about the Thermal Methods Group or meetings, please complete our Enquiry Form  

 Membership is open to anyone regardless of discipline. Visit Joining the TMG



The Mission of the Thermal Methods Group

To promote awareness of all thermo analytical, calorimetric and related techniques by a wide range of activities, including regular scientific meetings, training workshops and publications.

As a regular feature, the group organizes two key meetings per annum.  These are typically held in April and November.  The April thermal analysis event (TAC) covers a broad range of topics. 

The second meeting generally revolves around a particular theme or subject area.











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