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Cyril Keattch Award Competition

Mackenzie-Redfern Bursary Competition

The TMG Cyril Keattch Award Competition is held biennially in memory of the Group’s first Secretary, who held the post from 1965 until his untimely death in 1999. The Award is made to an outstanding early career scientist working in the field of thermal analysis or calorimetry to enable them to present a paper based on their work at an International Conference. It consists of an Award Certificate and a grant of up to £1000 towards the Conference Registration fee, travel and living expenses at the Conference.

Dr Cyril J Keattch

1st TMG Secretary

Served from 1965 to 1999

Dr Robert C Mackezie

TMG Founder Member

& 1st TMG Chairman

Dr John P Redfern

TMG Founder Member

& 2nd TMG Chairman

Apply for the Cyril Keattch award (Currently closed)
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