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The Thermal Methods Group would like to thank the ongoing support of the following companies

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Thermal Analysers (DSC, TGA, DMA, DETA, TMA, GVS, Hyphenated Techniques), Rheometers (includes both single and dual head systems, and DMA mode), Microcalorimetry (includes TAM platform, ITC and DSC), Dilatometers (horizontal, vertical, optical), Heating Microscopes, Rubber Testing Equipment (Mooney viscometers, Rubber Process Analysers, Hardness/Density Testers), BOSE ElectroForce range (Fatigue testing, High loads), Thermal Conductivity/Diffusivity (Guarded Heat Flow Meters, Heat Flow Meters, Flash Diffusivity systems)

Thermal Analysers, Thermal Conductivity, Dilatometry, Calorimetry, Gas Analysis

Thermal Conductivity equipment, Hardness and Nano indentation equipment, Polymer Standards and Contract Analytical service – Above plus DMA and DETA analysis of samples

Supplier of mass spectrometers and gas analysis systems.

Hiden Analytical manufactures a range of gas analysis systems for continuous analysis of evolved gases and vapours from thermogravimetric analysers (TGA-MS). Optimized interface systems are available to link Hiden’s gas analysis systems to most popular TGA instruments.

UK representative supplying a wide range of laboratory equipment including; high pressure gravimetric analysers, reactors, reaction calorimeters and automated reactor systems. 

LacertaTechnology Ltd design, manufacture and sell a range of instrumentation used for characterising the properties of materials in a variety of environments.

Products available from Lacerta include;

DETA, TMA, DSC, TGA, STA (Simultaneous Thermal Analysers), Humidity Controller and Generator and identiPol system for QA of thermoplastics.

Suppliers of Perkin Elmer Thermal Analysers, Thermal Conductivity instruments, Gas Vapour Sorption, Evolved Gas Analysis and DSC Raman

SETARAM Instrumentation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance thermal analyzers, calorimeters, gas sorption and high pressure mass spectroscopy instruments. Offering complete and dedicated solutions for different applications such as Pharmaceuticals & Life Science, Advanced Materials, Energy, Process Safety, etc.

  • Complete range of thermal analysers DTA, DSC, TGA, simultaneous TGA-DTA or DSC, Couplings for TGA-MS-FTIR-GC, calorimetry, microcalorimetry, gas sorption

  • Our systems cover the widest temperature range (from -196°C up to 2400°C) and pressure (from forced vacuum to 1000 bar) with the highest sensitivity (up to nanowatt level)

  • Unique level of precision to examine materials under near impossible conditions:

    • High pressure

    • High humidity

    • Reductive, oxidative, or corrosive atmospheres

    • Flow through reactions

    • Gas mixtures etc…

  • 3D Calvet calorimetric sensor for high precision Cp measurements


Linkam Scientific is a UK manufacturer of scientific instruments that help you to characterize materials from polymers to living tissue, from high temperatures to Cryo temperatures. Our instruments are used for research by the world's most advanced scientific organisations and companies.

Each of our instruments are designed and manufactured in house by our team of highly experienced electrical, software and mechanical design engineers. Many of our standardized sample characterization systems started out as an idea brought to us by a scientist either dissatisfied with what was available, or looking to create something completely new.

We work very closely with the scientist, creating sketches, designs and prototypes which are continually refined until the scientist is satisfied.  

What makes us unique, is that we know very quickly whether an idea will work and can, in a relatively short time, provide affordable working prototypes all designed and built in house at our state of the art facilities in UK or The Netherlands.

We have also worked with OEMs to design solutions for their analytical instrumentation.  From AFM to Cryo TEM we have collaborated with the largest and most sophisticated technology companies in the world.


At Linkam we are passionate about design and manufacture of stages, electronics and software that can be used with microscopes, spectrometers and diffractometers to enable scientists to analyse and characterize samples.

That describes Linkam in a nutshell, but there’s so much more to us than that. Visit our website to find out more about us and how to contact our partners in your area.

LINSEIS, since 1957, has demonstrated technological leadership by developing and producing thermo-analytical and thermo-physical devices of highest quality and precision. Consistent innovation and uncompromising quality standards have  made Linseis one of the acknowledged world leaders in thermal analysis equipment.

LINSEIS produces a range of analytical instruments to determine thermo-physical properties of solids, melts and fluids such as heat flow (DSC), mass change (TGA), change of dimension (TMA), change of volume (DIL), thermal conductivity & thermal diffusivity (LFA) and Seebeck Coefficient / Electric Resistivity (LSR) of materials. 

LINSEIS strives for customer orientation, quality and competitive pricing and thanks to the successful implementation of these objectives the company enjoys an excellent reputation in the UK industry. Multiple systems are installed in UK based high tech materials companies. The company continues to maintain close contact to the UK scientific community and this will later this year install complete suites of thermo-physical analysis instruments in several Universities.

Hiden Isochema is a UK based manufacturer of gas and vapour sorption analyzers.

We offer a range of fully automated gravimetric and manometric instruments for determining the equilibria and kinetics of gas and vapour sorption by solid and liquid materials. Our full product range includes dynamic vapour sorption (DVS) analyzers, dedicated breakthrough analyzers and unique permeation and climate control systems.

Application areas:

  • High pressure gas sorption

  • High resolution vapour sorption

  • GVS/DVS dynamic gravimetric vapour sorption

  • High pressure TGA with integrated MS option

  • Operation with corrosive and toxic species

  • Breakthrough analysis

  • Bespoke engineering

Understand how your materials will perform with Hitachi DSC, STA, TMA and DMA thermal analyzers.

Product quality is crucial to the success of your business. With exceptional baseline stability and sensitivity across the range, Hitachi thermal analyzers give you uncompromised quality control and enable you to reach the next level in research and development. Seeing is believing with our unique RealView® technology, which allows you to visually capture what is happening in your furnace in real time, giving you greater insights than with standard thermal analysis data alone.

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